Pirelli Rubber Webbing 2″ (50mm) Beige


Pirelli webbing

Pirelli webbing is made of natural rubber. It is used in the reupholstering of chairs and sofas. If the webbing on your chairs has collapsed or broken it can be replaced with brand new original Pirelli webbing as used by Ercol. This type of webbing is held in with wooden dowels or metal clips.

Pirelli webbing is an extremely popular resource in upholstery.  Due to its inherent strength and elasticity, coil springs do not have to be used in conjunction with it, lowering the production costs of the furniture, unlike jute webbing.  Pirelli webbing is usually fixed by grips into grooves on furniture but can be fixed directly to a wooden rail with tacks or staples if there are no grooves.  Pirelli webbing is nearly always used on Ercol and many other manufacturers.   Pirelli webbing is currently the most popular webbing used in furniture manufacturing, with over 90% of furniture products made in Europe being produced with Pirelli webbing.  Rubber webbing is considered superior to jute webbing due the fact it will not sag over time and has far more longevity.

2 inches wide beige colour pirelli webbing.

Our Pirelli webbing is sold by per metre continuous length.

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    Pirelli Webbing

    We have Pirelli webbing for sale -2 inches wide beige colour rubber webbing.

    Rubber Webbing as used by Ercol and many other manufacturers.

    2″ (5cm) in width.

    Beige in colour.

    Sold by the metre (in one piece)

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    Weight 176 g

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