Heavy Duty Elastic Upholstery Webbing


Heavy Duty Elastic Webbing

Heavy Duty Elastic Webbing is used in couches and chairs as a base for the seating areas that is both strong and flexible. Webbing used as a support is often rubberised to improve resilience and add elasticity. Many types of outdoor furniture use little more than thin light webbing for the seating areas. Webbing is also used to reinforce joints and areas that tend to flex. High quality elasticated chair webbing, ideal for backs and seats of chairs and sofas.


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High quality elastic chair webbing, ideal for seat/backs of chairs and sofas.


Product Details:


  • Width – 70mm
  • Elasticity – 70%
  • Back/Seat – Back / seats
  • No of stripes – 3


Additional information

Weight 30 g

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