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Quality Black White Herringbone Upholstery Webbing


Quality Black White Herringbone Webbing

Traditional chairs are constructed of an open wooden frame, with their seat often supported by interwoven jute or black and white herringbone webbing.  To provide a taut and long-lasting seat, the webbing must be tightened into place. The webbing material must also resist yielding over time, hence the use of a dense herringbone weave, rather than the cheaper hessian webbings also used in upholstery. Where wire springs are to be placed over the webbing, the more abrasion-resistant cotton webbing is used rather than jute.

2″ (50mm).

Black and White Cotton Herringbone Webbing available by the metre (supplied in one length) or by the roll.

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Upholster Webbing

2″ (50mm) Black and White Cotton Herringbone Webbing available by the metre (supplied in one length) or by the roll.

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