100 1/3 (9.5mm) Nickel Upholstery Nail Strip


1 metre strip 24 nails

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Upholstery Nail Strip

Our decorative nail strip consists of a 1 metre strip of ‘nail heads’ that are attached using individual nails at set points in the strip. It is supplied as a complete kit which includes the strip and the nails needed to fasten to the furniture.

The decorative nail strip can be bent around corners and curved edges and provides a quality finish without the effort needed to close nail individually.

Please note that the 1 metre pack quantities are supplied as individual coiled lengths (not straight). 
Product Details:

  • Type – 100 1/3
  • Head Diameter – 9.5mm
  • Finish – Nickel
  • Strip Length – 1 metre
  • Material – Plated Steel

Additional information

Weight 25 g